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The Racing Team of the Kalì Kart brand takes part with a team of around 10 official drivers in the main International karting events such as the WSK and FIA Karting meetings. Active in all categories, from MINI to the OK and KZ classes, it actively contributes to the technical development of the chassis and all the accessories which are then marketed by the network of authorized dealers, as well as promoting the Kalì Kart brand throughout the world.


OKN Junior

OKN Junior


If you want to apply as a driver for the Kalì Kart Racing Team, please get in touch with us indicating your sporting CV and the race program you are interested in. The Kalì Kart racing department is structured to guarantee the best technical material and complete services (chassis, spare parts, logistics, telemetry services, coaching, etc) in all the main International WSK, Champions of the Future and FIA Karting races, as well as for the Italian ACI Karting Championship. To get further information and get in touch with the Kalì Kart racing world, please write to:


Ten World Karting titles and 16 International Trophies, including 11 European titles and 1 Junior World Cup, are the prestigious calling card with which Kalì Kart presents itself to every Karting enthusiast. Kalì Kart has always had a winning DNA in the most important International meetings, as well as at a National level, thanks to a well-structured network of professional teams.

Campionato del Mondo Formula C

9.9.1984 Axamo (S) Gabriele Tarquini Kalì Kart-Balen
1.9.1985 Laval (F) Piermario Cantoni Kalì Kart-Balen
3.9.1989 Olomouc (CZ) Gianluca Giorgi Kalì Kart-Kalì Motor
5.9.1993 Sant’Egidio (I) Alessandro Piccini Kalì Kart-Pavesi
Campionato del Mondo 125 Super
3.9.1989 Olomouc (CZ) Gianluca Giorgi Kalì Kart-Kalì Motor
Campionato del Mondo 135 FK
16.9.1984 Liedolsheim (D) Jorn Haase (DK) Kalì Kart-Komet
22.9.1985 Parma (I) Mike Wilson (GB) Kalì Kart-Komet
1988 Laval (F) Mike Wilson (GB) Kalì Kart-Komet
Coppa del Mondo Formula A
31.5.1992 Suzuka (J) Alberto Pedemonte Kalì Kart-Rotax
Coppa del Mondo
30.5.1993 Suzuka (J) Paulo Moro Kalì Kart-Italsistem
Campionato Asia-Pacifico Cik-Fia ICA
1993 Suzuka (J) Benjamin Horstman Kalì Kart-Parilla
24/26.5.1996 Suzuka (J) Tsugio Matsuda Kalì Kart-Italsistem
Campionato dei 5 Continenti Junior
1993 Genk (B) Ennio Gandolfi Kalì Kart-Parilla
Trofeo Arcobaleno Junior Cik-Fia
1992 Ennio Gandolfi Kalì Kart-Comer
1993 Genk (B) Giorgio Pantano Kalì Kart-Parilla
Campionato Europeo 125 Formula C
1979 Polonia Giancarlo Vanaria Kalì Kart-Rotax
Campionato Europeo 125 ICC
1979 Polonia Swanabi Kalì Kart-Rotax
9.9.1984 Axamo (S) Riccardo Franchini Kalì Kart-Pavesi
1986 Lamberto Di Ferdinando Kalì Kart-Pavesi
30.8.1987 Magione (I) Paolo Pulliero Kalì Kart-Pavesi
4.9.1988 Kecskemet (H) Vincenzo Saitta Kalì Kart-Pavesi
3.9.1989 Olomuc (CZ) Gianluca Paglicci Kalì Kart-Kalì Motor
6.9.1992 Mariembourg (B) Stefano Rodano Kalì Kart-TM
Campionato Europeo 135 Formula K
1985 Frietsch Kalì Kart-Komet
1986 Muller Kalì Kart-Komet
1987 Alessandro Zanardi Kalì Kart-Komet
Campionato Europeo 100 Internazionale
23.8.1987 Gotevorg (S) Michael Schumacher (D) Kalì Kart-Parilla