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The company

Kalì Kart chassis and accessories are produced within the modern Tinini Group factories in Lonato del Garda, in Italy. All production is carried out with latest generation machining centers and chassis are produced with robots, so as to guarantee very high standards of quality and precision. Quality control is applied at every stage of the production and the attention to detail and design places Kalì Kart products at the top end of the market

Company history

Kalì Kart is a historic brand in the karting world. Founded in Lonato del Garda by Calogero Vanaria at the end of the 1950s as a small artisanal production of chassis within his own car workshop first and, subsequently, as an increasingly organized company with a spare parts warehouse and a dealer network. Calogero Vanaria was born in Sant’Agata di Militello in 1932 and when he was only 22 years old, he moved to Lonato del Garda, where he then lived his entire life dedicated to motor racing and his great passion for go-karts. His love for karting began almost by chance in 1958, when he was a spectator at a race on the Brescia city circuit in Piazza della Vittoria. From that moment on, he first decided to buy a kart and take part in his first race on the Castiglione delle Stiviere track and, subsequently, he undertook a journey into the karting world, in which he gained experience and success as a driver, as an event organizer and as a manufacturer.
In this last role he introduced many innovations, especially regarding the mass production of chassis and spare parts, guaranteeing an innovative service to their customers for the time, when competitors still offered customers based on prior orders and relatively long lead times. Also from a sporting point of view, Vanaria understood that racing could be an important promotional vehicle for his chassis, so he involved his son Giancarlo as a driver and set himself up to take part in the most important events in Europe. Kalì Kart’s activity continued with great success until the 1990s, both from a sporting point of view with drivers of the caliber of Michael Schumacher, Alex Zanardi, Gabriele Tarquini and Mike Wilson, and commercially, producing over 500 chassis per month.
The history of Kalì Kart has become the history of the karting itself, a sport that grew exponentially between the 60s and 80s, becoming an obligatory path for all drivers with the ambition of getting into motor racing. Kalì Kart has won 10 World Titles, the first of which with Gabriele Tarquini in 1994, as well as 16 International titles and various National Championships. In 1986 the Kalì Kart brand was incorporated into the emerging CRG, founded by the sons of Calogero Vanaria (Giancarlo and Roberto) and Giancarlo Tinini, who married Marina Vanaria, Calogero’s daughter.
Today the range of Kalì Kart go-karts is produced within the technological center of over 12,000 m2 of the Tinini Group in Lonato del Garda and combines quality and design in every chassis and accessory, respecting its tradition and the philosophy of the founder, who he was always looking at new technological and sporting challenges.