The Kalì Kart colors of the official team recently set up by the Tinini Group for the main WSK and FIA Karting races will join the TM Kart engine brand in exclusivity for the 2024 season.

The announcement was made in the past few days, making official a collaboration which will see the official Kalì Kart drivers of all categories, from MINI to KZ, powered by TM engines.

It will be a 360° collaboration and two TM engine engineers of great value will take care of the Kali Kart drivers at the races: in the MINI category it will be Salemi Engine of Giovanni and Marco Salemi, while for the OK and KZ classes it will be Machac Motors of Jiri Machac to provide the technical service on the track.

Currently the official Kalì Kart team manages a total of 9 official drivers and the structure can have up to 10 drivers throughout the season, covering all the international categories, including the MINI one.

Marco Angeletti of the CRG Marketing, who coordinates the Kalì Kart Team in this startup phase, has expressed great satisfaction for what concerns this agreement:

“Both Giancarlo Tinini and I have known Franco Drudi for many years and, above all, we know his technical potential and the TM company. We are proud to have had the trust of such an important factory in this phase of relaunching the Kalì Kart Team and we will work side by side with the utmost spirit of collaboration to get the best results in all categories”.